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  • Teams may start the game with 4 (legal) players.

  • A player must arrive by the start of the second half to be eligible to play in the game.

  • There will be a 5 minute grace period for the first game (there are no grace period thereafter)

  • Teams will be allowed at least a five minute warm up

  • Games will consist of two 20-minute halves

  • Clock will stop on any dead ball during the last 2 minutes of each half.

  • Each team is allowed 2 one-minute (Full) timeouts per half with no carry overs. Each team will also have 1 (:30 second) time out and this time out may be carried over until the second half if not used in the first half.  

  • Overtime - 3 minutes with running clock, except timeouts and the last 2 minutes will be the same as regulation. Each team will have 1 time out in overtime. No carry over from regulation.

  • Each player will be allowed (5) personal fouls before fouling out on the fifth foul. One and one bonus will apply on the seventh (7) team foul; (10) team fouls will result in a double bonus (2 free-throws).

  • If a player receives 2 or more technical fouls/or ejected from a game, he will be suspended at minimum of 1 game (his team next scheduled game).

  •  “Dunking” is allowed

  • Substitution - player(s) must be at the scorer's table to enter the game (must wait for the referee to beckoning you in). 

  • In the final minute of the game, a team may use a timeout to advance the basketball to half court. This is known as the "advancement rule."

  • With a minute or less to go in the game or overtime period, if the offensive team takes a timeout prior to inbounding the ball or if it secures the ball from a rebound or turnover but prior to advancing it, the team may choose to inbound the ball at midcourt.


  • Official scorekeepers and timekeepers are provided by the league (Weekly results are posted on the website).

  • For any league record ties, the following guidelines will determine final seeding for playoff brackets:

  • 1. Head-to-Head competition

  • 2. Unsporting technical foul total

  • 3. Coin Flip


  • Playoffs will be single elimination

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